Fancy a trip from Ancient Greece through to the present day? Take a roller coaster ride through 3000 years, stopping at 40 fascinating moments along the way!

TimelineChallenge is a unique series of fun-to-complete projects especially designed for home-educators. Choose from a range of exciting cross-curricular challenges that are designed to build a strong knowledge framework.

Although TimelineChallenge is aimed at children aged 8-14, we encourage all ages (including parents!) to participate – every individual has their own unique way of approaching the challenges – it’s fun for all the family!


Sign up by clicking here. Once you have made payment, you will receive an email asking you to complete your registration. Then simply pick the moments that excite you, the topics that interest you and create your own unique voyage of discovery.

As you start your journey don’t forget to take a look at our map. Use the arrows to follow a 3000-year story navigating through:


TimelineChallenge gives you lifetime access, so Challenges can be completed at a pace that suits you, whenever it suits you! You may want to complete a Challenge in a day, expand it to a week, or spend more time on it and complete a Challenge a month, there is no rush…the choice is yours!!!


Everyone who signs up for TimelineChallenge will be eligible to join our moderated closed Facebook Group where you can post pictures and videos of your completed challenges. If your post catches our eye you might become a TimelineChallenge Champion and receive up to £100 of What on Earth books, or other fabulous prizes!

Plan and scheme your way into battle as you hide in the Trojan Horse.

Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your head and wondered why your hair stands up? Give a magic show using Static Electricity to create mysterious effects. 

Love sweets and chocolate? Find out more about the treats you love… where did sugar come from and how is it made?

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